Julian Weiss

designer, developer, philosopher. I use that tagline across the web as a slick attempt to describe my work, ambition, and focus in life. for about seven years I've been studying and expressing that through iOS— ever since I first held an iPhone and realized its ineffable, human power, one which everyone else seemed to overlook.

once I had a handle on programming, after several intensive courses in high school and a summer-long iOS program (taught by Orta, now known for CocoaPods and Artsy), I spent all my free time coding, thinking, and sharing. after a few years in freelance communities such as Bukkit, YouTube, and jailbreak, I narrowed my work into three categories:

designing, digging and innovating through habits in human-computer interaction and everyday products

developing, creating remarkable, thoughtful things through worldwide, multidisciplinary collaborations

philosophizing, pushing human comprehension and intelligent expression through contextualization, teaching, and leading

take a look at how these come to fruition through the links above. after producing hundreds of freelance projects, I've spent the last year or so at Urlinq as lead of iOS, and University of Rochester as a full-time student. never hesitate to email me about support or opportunities in any field. this website, and my repository, are completely open source.